Meristem Therapy Academy

The Meristem Therapy Academy is proud to be on the leading edge of hypnotherapy education. Your success is our focus.

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Our programs include up to 1200 hours of online class time
Our in-depth curriculum ensures that you will graduate with a solid foundation in the theory and practice of hypnotherapy, and our experiential classes will give you the time to experience in-class demonstrations and hands-on practice with your peers.
Blended Learning
Blended Learning

Offered by the online training centre is a fully functional platform where students are walked step-by-step through all the course requirements. Students have access to instructors to ask questions and attend live webinars. As a bonus, available in the Online Training Centre is access to watch previously recorded live training to watch over and over for optimal learning. Students can take their examinations and hand in coursework through this easy-to-use site. Perhaps most importantly, the Online Training Centre is a place where students and therapists from all IACH licensed schools can gather together to support each other both during training and even after graduation! We believe in teamwork and supporting one another so we all become successful.

By far, the best way to learn the skill of hypnotherapy is to experience it, watch it and perform it

This means that any class you attend will be highly experiential. We structure our classes so students have lots of opportunities for personal attention. Choosing our students carefully ensures that every student in the class is like-minded, ready for the profound growth that occurs with our classes, and above all else, ready to support others on their journey.

Students must complete 160 hours of practicum

The best way to become confident and competent as a therapist is to practice. With our extensive practicum requirement, by the time you open your business, you’ll feel ready to help your clients face any issue. We put as much emphasis on your personal growth as the curriculum. We want you to learn to be a competent hypnotherapist so you can succeed in this field. Even the students who have joined the program with plenty of personal development courses under their belts have remarked that they were blown away by the personal growth they experienced as a result of our program. Many have said that even if they hadn’t become hypnotherapists, that the growth the program offered alone was worth every penny!